Build My Rank Shuts Down Service

{ Posted on 5:07 PM by Noah Wieder }
Hey all,

So yesterday, Matt Cutts, Google's head of Search Quality, made the bombshell 
announcement at South By Southwest that Google will be "aggressively targeting" 
blog networks who's purpose is to create backlinks.

What does this mean?

It means if any of you out there have bought links from "private" blog networks like 
Linkvana and Build My Rank, then you're about to see your links go bye-bye.

In fact, Build My Rank got hit SO HARD, they had to shut down their business...

How did Google do this?

Well, they took the smartest guys they had on the payroll, and came up with 
a diabolical plan to infiltrate these networks...


Actually, they just signed up for them, then tracked where their content appeared, 
and once they'd crawled the whole network, they completely de-indexed all the 

So the lesson here is - if you're using a paid service that gets you links from "private" 
blog networks, stop wasting your money immediately, because those networks are 
about to be hit harder than a skinny kid in an MMA gym.

In fact, ANY service that is going to "sell you" links on actual websites is probably 
gonna be targeted by Google.

If you want to protect your links, the point here is to ONLY use private blog networks 
that are truly private - in short, the ones you make yourself.

Also, web 2.0 links, bookmarking, video sites, and social media should be your new 
focus for backlinks.  As far as Google is concerned, article directories and blog networks 
are pretty much dead for SEO.  So be VERY careful about where you're spending your 
money for your off-site SEO!

Google is really changing how they're looking at backlinks, so if you want the edge, 
you'll have to know exactly where your links from!

Talk soon,


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