eHow Discontinues WCP

{ Posted on 11:56 AM by Noah Wieder }
I'm officially done writing for eHow.  After a very short career being an eHow author and managing through all their changes and subsequent sale to Demand Media they have decided to discontinue their Writers Compensation Program "WCP". They say it's to:

Continued Focus on Improving Consumer Experience Drives Editorial Changes and Removal of User-Generated Articles

It's not like my articles were setting the world on fire but I had written a dozen or so ehow articles from the end of 2009 thru 2010. I did not write any in 2011 due to all the changes and difficulties getting articles approved. Some of my articles had received over 5000 views with earnings of over $150.  While my average article compensation was about $5.00 per month and will only get me a gallon of gas per article per month, it's still better than a hot stick in the eye.

I'm actually sorry to see they closed the WCP as it was one of the things I used to suggest college kids try to do in order to earn extra money and gain writing experience. Just two articles a month and maybe one or two extra a year during the four years they were in college, they would  have at least 100 articles when they graduated.

Based on my average earnings per article (some months over $5) I think it would have been a safe assumption that someone dedicated to writing 100 articles in 4 years would have graduated receiving a decent enough check to afford a nice car payment upon graduation. Plus gain the experience of having been published online for a few years.

Too bad Demand Media couldn't figure out how to continue their WCP and improve the customer experience   at the same time.  In all fairness, some articles I've read were a little light, but their new editorial guidelines were getting tougher and tougher and complaints among the writing community were mounting.

They did offer to pay me a flat fee equal to about 6 months of my previous average compensation for ownership of the articles. So I accepted the offer and I'll move on. Farewell, eHow.