PPC and Organic Keyword Overlap Tool

{ Posted on 2:15 PM by Noah Wieder }
One look and you'll quickly see just how cool this tool is. Enter your domain and a competitors domain and you can see what Organic and PPC phrases you both compete for and how many your competitors have in SERPs vs paid ads as well as how many you have in common.

This is a great tool to get a quick snap shot of how your site compares to some of your toughest competitors. It gives you clear picture of how much work you have ahead of you if you want to achieve better rankings.

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This is really a cool tool. I already used some of the known competitive checker tool available online but I'm not sure if the reports are reliable. Good thing you introduced this one. It seems pretty cool.

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Checking out your competition is always key in gaining advantage in search, that's why a tool like this is necessary for SEOs.

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A combination of both methods can help rank faster. It's up to you to prioritize which campaign to apply.

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I work for a PPC Company and use SpyFu pretty much all day. It really is a helpful tool. I wouldn't be able to do some of my work without it.

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Great ! It is a fantastic tool through which we can eliminate the keywords which are repeating in organic and PPC advertising. I like it. It is very effective with sales effectiveness trainingg function.

Pay Per click advertising is good but the issue with this is that it cost you lot and you have to take care of your budget when you are hiring any PPC Google advertising company

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