Don't let stinking thinking break your boom box

{ Posted on 4:47 PM by Noah Wieder }
Life Lessons:
  • Have you ever been is a situation in business or personal life where your attitude steered your decision?
  • Have you ever regretted a decision you made after jumping to conclusions?
An aircraft carrier has a section in the rear called the fantail. One of the duties of active military aboard aircraft carriers is to stand life buoy watch on the fantail. Although a very boring job (watch the ocean for 4 hours at a time in case someone goes overboard) this duty is of utmost importance.

The life buoy watch is the last chance for someone that has fallen overboard to be spotted by a crewman so it's imperative that the crewman be alert and focused at all times. Not an easy task when going overboard rarely happens and you have to stare at the ocean for 4 hours straight.

The life buoy watch crewman also has to wear a headset so he can hear the ship communications. However they usually keep one ear out of the headset in case someone is screaming. Since the duty is rather dull some crewman try to pass the time listening to music on a boom box (highly frowned upon). This non-authorized activity during duty can result in the boom box being confiscated by the duty officer.

The officer in charge of these crewman on life buoy duty had a rather large collection of boom boxes. He would stack them where ever he could find space but the crewman would lose their boom boxes as a result of the non-authorized activity with fair warning.

One day while performing fantail duty aboard this particular aircraft carrier a young crewman was listening to his boom box and the duty officer happen to be checking in so his boom box was subsequently confiscated.

After his duty he visited the officer and asked what happens to the confiscated boxes. The officer at that point was not sure what he was actually going to do with all of them for sure (but entertained the idea of giving them back once returning to port in a few months). He told the crewman that he hadn't decided but they might go to the military good will.

This crewman was so upset and his thinking distorted that he told the officer that he would rather no one get his boom box and he didn't want anyone else using it. He subsequently asked if he could destroy since his belief was if he couldn't have it, no one should.  The officer obliged the crewman and let him destroy his boom box.

The crewman ripped off the antenna, broke off the knobs and smashed the box into pieces.  Then deposited it into the trash.  The officer sat and watched. He realized the crewman was acting on the belief that he would not get it back, when in fact if the crewman had hope, faith and patience, he most likely would have gotten it back.

All he had to do was let it go and forget about it. That my friends is known as stinking thinking.

Don't let stinking thinking break your boom box. When a situations you don't like happens, take a step back, go do something fun and enjoy yourself and "Let It Go", whatever it is. Good things will happen if you try to just let go.