Top 20 Wiki Sites for SEO

{ Posted on 12:42 PM by Noah Wieder }
Want to improve your sites in anchor text and back links yourself?

Why not join and post to some Wiki Sites. As of this posting, Jan 2010 The top 20 sites shown below let you set up your own wiki pages.

You could also use a service that does this already but you would pay between $400 - $1,000 for a one time post on each wiki.

This would get you 20+ entries of permanent back-links that would easily generate over 600 links once indexed.

I took the time to register with each wiki today, it took several hours.

Once you register, then it's time to set up your wiki on each one. If you only have 1 domain you are better off outsourcing this project. If you run dozens of domains or do SEO or Internet Marketing for a living it would be worth including this in your portfolio of tools.

Feel free to post your Wiki URL's back here when done. Don't forget your proper in anchor texts to link back to your Wiki's.  With new Google updates be sure not to over use your anchor keywords.  Natural links are best.  Click here to quickly post to 500 Wiki sites.

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Thank You, Noah!

It's so nice that you shared these wiki sites for seo. I'll definitely use them on my seo campaigns.

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These are credible websites. I used them most of the time whenever I post informative articles that related to my business.

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I have also been using these wiki sites in my SEO campaigns and I'm so glad to say that it works for my website.

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Thanks a lot for that list. I find them important because they can actually help me in a lot of ways.

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You have posted the best wiki sites that will help every online marketer in SEO strategies and techniques. These tools also play an important role in optimizing our websites.

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Thanks Noah, I was searching for this type of list since an hour.

Thank you for sharing the list.

What do you think about Google Sites? Would you consider it to be ligitimate wiki service or not. I think Google will index Google sites faster than others and somewhere it would give a Google Sites based Wiki a higher SERP (though Google will try not to make it apparent for obvious reasons).

I will try by creating a wiki on Google sites and another on Wikispaces. Lets see how it goes.

Great collection from you and i like this list as well as very useful for all.

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Wikisite posting is really helpful for any internet marketing project. Over the years, wiki has been strict about this. I hope there will be a filter on quality links posted on Wikipedia.

Nice collection of blogs. I don't think I would trust anyone in outsourcing this type of project. It is probably better just to do it yourself so that you know it is done right.

This is a great blog posting and very useful. I really appreciate the research you put into it..
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Thank you for sharing best Wiki sites that helps SEO's.

Good list of Wiki sites. I have been looking for a while and it's nice to finally come across the info I needed.

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Thank You For Sharing This Wiki List I Really Like This Trick

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i know only one wiki sites i.e wikipedia. Thanks for sharing these
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nice share ! Those are helpful for whitehat seo. You can insert each page link to all of wiki page which relevant topic lotan travel

It will help in future when i will do my website SEO. These sort of
search engine optimization consultants things suddenly change your blog rank high. Thank you for the post.

It is good , perfect, i like it

Thanks you

Thanks, I'll try these out and see if they still work.

Wiki sites are great for SEO. It Gives Fast Result in Indexing in Search Engine Listing. Great tips btw and thanks for the bonus (Wiki site list).


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Thanks for sharing this wiki posting site list.It is very helpful...
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Nice list !! SAY THANKS

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Seems to be a good crisp and useful list of wiki sites and they definitely have impact over SEO campaign.


Thanks you very much for sharing these links. Will definitely check this out..
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Found this list good for my website.

Thanks Noah for sharing the wiki sites. Will those sites give instant backlink to website or some of them will pending for review?

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