How to Make Money Online Writing Articles On Ehow |

{ Posted on 11:12 AM by Noah Wieder }
Take a quick tour about how you can earn a little extra cash simply writing about things you know.

In this article I also mention that kids or retires can start writing now and by this time next year could earn a nice monthly check.

How to Make Money Online Writing Articles On Ehow

Posted using ShareThis your URLs for tracking & twitter

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Ok, so you want to share some URLs with the world, maybe not the whole world but your sphere. And, it would be nice to know if it's even worth your time to share those URLs. Perhaps even, you would like to view some statistics about the URLs you shared so you could monetize them or share some affiliate links easier.

This is where a short URL service can help. They are free and there are a lot of them. But after I've tried many, the one that rises to the top is TR.IM - this URL service is fast and functional.

Other services I've tried are either slow or force your users into frames. The TR.IM service just opened up their open source project and even has API methods for the service 3rd party developer.

But for me, it's a simple cut and paste web interface and gives you instant tracking. Post a URL using TR.IM on twitter and you can immediately see the clicks through stats.

Give it a try and let me know what you used it for. I'd love to hear back from users.

Top 20 Wiki Sites for SEO

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Want to improve your sites in anchor text and back links yourself?

Why not join and post to some Wiki Sites. As of this posting, Jan 2010 The top 20 sites shown below let you set up your own wiki pages.

You could also use a service that does this already but you would pay between $400 - $1,000 for a one time post on each wiki.

This would get you 20+ entries of permanent back-links that would easily generate over 600 links once indexed.

I took the time to register with each wiki today, it took several hours.

Once you register, then it's time to set up your wiki on each one. If you only have 1 domain you are better off outsourcing this project. If you run dozens of domains or do SEO or Internet Marketing for a living it would be worth including this in your portfolio of tools.

Feel free to post your Wiki URL's back here when done. Don't forget your proper in anchor texts to link back to your Wiki's.  With new Google updates be sure not to over use your anchor keywords.  Natural links are best.  Click here to quickly post to 500 Wiki sites.

How to Convert MOD files to AVI Files for Movie Maker

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If you've been looking for a way to convert your MOD files to AVI files on your PC to edit using Microsoft Movie Maker, this is the solution.

I've been playing with Youtube Videos and SEO for video's with some success. The issue comes from trying to convert video to the proper format for manipulation in Movie Maker.

If you're like me and have been struggling with the .MOD files output from some camcorders like the JVC Everio or Panasonic, I finally found the answer.

I've tried everything from SDcopy (link opens download, just save to your PC) which is a nice batch tool that converts the files from MOD to MPG which you can do manually by just renaming the file but when you have dozens and dozens of them it's a chore.

What I do now is import the MOD files as a batch folder into Aura Free Video Converter. I am not affiliated with them at all and it is completely free (no watermarks, no trial) so after going through such trouble finding this little gem figured I let everyone know about it.

You can specify a batch folder from your SD card, your hard drive or network drive and you can specify any number of output file types as well as the folder on your PC where you want the converted files to go.

I use standard AVI and drag them right into Movie Maker.