Top 37: The Best Article Web Site Directories

{ Posted on 11:05 PM by Noah Wieder }
Top 37 - The Best Article Web Site Directories as Ranked in Alexa Order

I've included the rankings of most other ranking sites in the table below so you can compare and decide where to start. When submitting your articles to these directories be sure not to cut and paste the same article into each directory. This would just be considered duplicate content and would not really help you.

You can use the same key word anchor text (use a free keyword research tool to find the best ones) in your articles but change at least 60% - 75% of the articles content.

If you have 15 - 25 different paragraphs with about 2500 words about your topic you can use between 500 - 1000 words for each article making several dozen variations to keep content unique for each article.

Remember, quality not quantity when doing link building. Don't waste your time with the hundreds of unranked article directories. Wait until they rank the same or better than the one's I've identified for you below.

If you find other article directories that are worthy of being in the list below or we can expand the list to the top 50 or top 100 some day, please make comments below and I will update the article to include them a few times a year as necessary.

Since I couldn't fit all the rankings into the table below and make it readable you can view the entire list with all the rankings if you download the Top 37 Best Article Web Site Directories PDF.

Rankings as of
Sept 2009
Visitors 6 167 31 M 8.1 M 5 688 4.3M 1.7M 5 1,062 2.2M 1.1M 9 1643 1.8M 1.1M 6 2333 1.2M 720K 6 2345 3.2M 690K 5 3282 1.3M 570K 6 3,914 1.9M 590K 6 3,914 450K 150K 5 3,914 270K 82K 0 3,967 680K 160K 0 4001 200K 40K 3 4001 530K 110K 5 4,187 1.2M 350K 5 4,311 1.1M 250K 4 5,262 770K 250K 2 6,251 450K 160K 2 6251 1.1M 400K 6280 1.4M 260K 3 7,192 530K 150K 6 8,553 530K 160K 3 12,004 350K 73K 3 13,615 180K 150K 6 14,619 400K 180K 5 17537 530K 180K 3 18,085 310K 200K 3 19,161 180K 63K 4 21,268 410K 95K 6 21,438 210K 110K 4 29,128 190K 91K 2 30,007 84K 45K 3 30896 180K 56K 5 30906 130K 70K 39,802 260K 51K 3 49,770 170K 53K 4 252591 12K 6K

Januarary 2012 update:
Syndication: Every article you publish on an article web site (aka Article Directory) has the potential to be picked up by many other webmasters looking for content. This is called syndication. When other web publishers & bloggers are in need of content, they often turn to article directories that allow them to republish your content with copyright intact on their sites, this means your backlinks stay intact.

This can not only help you gain several additional organic backlinks, but if those other web sites enjoy high traffic they could potentially send an ample amount of web users on to your site.

If you've been submitting to the article directories above, you may want to look at the latest top 12 Article Directories below. There are a few new contenders in the top 12 Article Directories for 2012. 

1. EzineArticles – PR6
2. Suite101 – PR7
3. Helium –PR6
4. ArticleDashboard -  PR5
5. ArticleBase – PR6
6. GoArticles - PR4
7. WebProNews - PR6
8. Buzzle - PR6
9. Isnare - PR6
10. American Chronicle - PR6
11. ArticleCity - PR5
12. IdeaMarketers - PR5