How many Characters can you use in a Title Tag?

{ Posted on 2:02 PM by Noah Wieder }
If you've been doing much SEO or marketing you're trying to make your pages as relevant as key word rich as possible. That means your title tag needs to be dead on relevant to the content within the page or you're wasting your time.

Search engines are getting smarter and stuffing your title with key words that are not relevant to your content will just hurt you. If you want your title tags to benefit you the most follow these simple rules:
  1. Make sure your title is relevant to your content.
  2. If you are optimizing for IE8, then I would not use more than 95 characters including spaces in your title (75 - 90 would be best, but if you have to go over, don't go past 95 as those characters will not show up).
  3. If you are optimizing for FF3.5x, then you can go up to 99 characters including spaces but then anyone visiting your site with IE8 wont see the last few characters.
  4. IE7 and lower are even fewer but if you stick to 75 characters you'll be safe with just about any browser, but you can plan for future and stretch to 90 - 95 if you must.
  5. If using more than one key phrase (long tail key word) in a title tag, separate them with pipes "|". The pipe character tells the search engines these are separate words/phrases.
I will cover Meta Elements and Heading tags H1 - H6 in coming posts. Stay tuned.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is President and CEO of Intelligent eCommerce, Inc. a search engine marketing firm that also operates several ecommerce web sites. Follow us on Twitter

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