MicroHoo - MS and Yahoo SEO - are you Ready?

{ Posted on 5:12 PM by Noah Wieder }
If you're familiar with SEO at all, you know that 1 month ago Microsoft and Yahoo signed a 10 year deal in which Yahoo will incorporate Microsoft's Bing technology as its default search engine.

So when Yahoo! drops search and uses Bing, Yahoo will take over pay-per-click search advertising for BOTHh companies.

So what is an SEO expert to do? Well, if you're dialed into Google you may need a new strategy for Microhoo since it will only show 5 organic results. Don't panic just yet, the announcement and signing is just that, it will take at least 2 years to launch once approved by the Fed's.

Once Yahoo starts handling PPC for both Microsoft and Yahoo it will grant access to a broader database through which to target users.

Self-serve and search ads will be built via Microsoft adCenter; Yahoo will continue its search affiliate partnerships.

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