Is SEO Dead - what about Youtube Marketing?

{ Posted on 10:58 AM by Noah Wieder }
As of this writing there are more than 3 billion searches per month on YouTube in the United States alone. If you're not Video Blogging or starting to at least think about video Blogging you're missing a huge SEO opportunity.

With the new annotation ability in Youtube and the ease of use of free Microsoft Movie Maker Software anyone can throw together a Video. Don't worry so much about the quality of the video, espcially in the beginning. Just make sure your content is worthy.

As you create more and more video's your quality will improve. Setting, light, camera, software knowledge will all get better with experience.

Just keep in mind that the best video's are how to video's or funny video's. If your video is boring or lame, no one is going to send it to someone else or recommend it. The whole idea is to get people to email your video links, or post them in forums or embed them in blogs. If your video is not worthy of that you're just wasting your time and taking up space in cyberspace.

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