How to use eBay Guides to Promote your products or services

{ Posted on 11:46 AM by Noah Wieder }
If you have a product or service and don't already have an eBay account, what are you waiting for? eBay, the internets largest auction marketplace makes it very easy and affordable to spread word of your product and/or service.

If you're selling online, adding an eBay store will take you a few hours to set up and can cost as little as just $16/mo. Pretty inexpensive when considering alternatives. But what can you do with a store?

eBay will let you list your products or items in your store as well as auctions but this is not the important part. Just like adding your articles to article directories and your how to's to eHow -- adding "guides" to eBay can be very helpful.

An eBay guide is basically an article about the product or service you know a lot about. You can spread the word and help others understand or teach them what it is to look for when buying, selling or considering your product or service.

Real Life Example:

We operate the eBay store "A1Derful Place". We have very few items but keep it simple to keep the store going. Maybe adding a few items a week or every other week or so using the eBay "turbo lister" tool which is free. It's very simple. You can save inventory items, upload, edit and do everything off line, then upload them and sync when you connect. Great for creating auctions and store listings offline if/when you travel.

Anyway -- In our store, you will see a category called "ATM Machines". Since we operate the web site this ebay store is another way to drive traffic and generate leads for our ATM Processing and ATM Machine Sales.

How does this generate leads and drive traffic? We'll first you have to write an eBay Guide. You can read our eBay Guide about ATM Machines and see that we don't do any selling in the guide. We only give advice that anyone can use. It's not skewed information or full of marketing fluff. We present facts and give people information they need but the key is that in an eBay guide you are not allow to link to your eBay store items or link to external web sites.

One of the reasons is that these eBay guides get a lot of attention from search engines is due to the content and relevancy of the info provided. Now, the key to posting a guide is the guide title and content relevancy. Just like any good SEO article you need to be mindful of the key words you're using.

Here's what we did. We researched the terms ATM Machine, ATM Machine Processing and ATM Processing. We noticed a lot of ATM Machines for sale in eBay but no one offering just ATM Processing. Since we offer both ATM Machines Sales and ATM Processing we created a store listing for ATM Processing.

Now, when you search eBay for ATM Processing or ATM Machine Processing our store listing doesn't get lost in the ATM Machine Auction listings. We then reference our Guide about ATM Machine Sales in the Store item Listing and suggest in the guide that people do their research -- and include a link in the guide to eBay search results which include our preferred term (which is allowed).

The store listings fee is only $0.05 and the final valuation fee is only $0.12 at the currently published rates. So for just $16/mo you get a complete eBay store and can list all your items and services for just a few cents for 30 day listings. Add to that the ability to post free Guides with the potential for multi-domain cross promotion opportunities and you have another great avenue for marketing your products and services.
ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is President and CEO of Intelligent eCommerce, Inc. a search engine marketing firm that also operates several ecommerce businesses including and

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