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I just started using this tweerific twick to tweet my way to some followers..

I'm still not 100% sure what Twitter means to the internet. Yes, it's an easy way to send a 160 character blog (basically an SMS) to all your friends, but now, more than ever, it's a way to get your message out to the world. A world of people you may not even know but somehow might be interested in what it is you have to say... well.. maybe..

So you have a Twitter account and want to get some followers other than the same people you see at work, school or socialize with everyday or every week.

Since you probably already use AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat, Yahoo Chat, ICQ, Skype, ooVoo, Visit forums, Myspace, Facebook, Classmates, chat rooms, dating web sites, social groups, oh.. don't forget that old email thing.. and God forbid you send a letter or direct mail piece to get new clients.. whew.. You just have to get Twitter followers... is this the next greatest communication tool?

Well, okay.. I'll show you what I did..

If you use FireFox:
  1. Open Firefox

  2. If you don't already have it, you need to install an add-on to Firefox called Greasemonkey (this is a script manager for Firefox).

  3. Once Greasemonkey is installed, you need to download the Twitter Follower Script in Firefox and then restart Firefox. Note that you may want to bookmark this Blog Post so you can find it again after FireFox restarts.

  4. Now open your Twitter account from Firefox and find a Twitter Profile that has at least 10,000 or more followers. Some people use Google since it has over 1.3 Million followers but I would suggest finding people following someone in your same industry or interests. Use the Twitter Find People and enter a key word from your interests or industry.

  5. Click on that account and follow them. Then click on followers".

  6. When you do this you will see the GreaseMonkey Scrip Navigation Bar appear in the bottom of your Browser.

  7. Now you can click the follow all link on the NAV bar and after a few milliseconds the "Following" message will appear besides each contact. Click next to follow the next 20 people and so on. Now, don't try and follow hundreds and hundreds of people every day.. that's a good way to get Twitter to ban you. If you follow a hundred or two every other day for a week or so you'll get there.

  8. Now the key is that you are following all these people.. hundreds of them.. and hopefully they will return the favor. My experiements suggest that 10% - 15% will follow you within a couple days. It may get as high at 60% depending on who you are following and what they are into. If your tweets are not relevant to what they are interested in you won't get them to follow you.. so now you have to unfollow these people.

  9. So once a month or so.. or every 60 days you can use a free service (as of the date of this writing) called huitter that will let you "

If you use Internet Explorer (I suggest you switch to FireFox) or:
  1. You don't install Greasemonkey.. Start at step #4 above... then...

  2. You have to copy and paste this javascript into your address bar and press enter..
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