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{ Posted on 11:47 AM by Noah Wieder }

Thinking about using Twitter?

Well, you'd better hurry up and register your name. They are going fast.

Many people are grabbing user names like candy on Twitter and your company name might not even be available by the time you want to register.

What is Twitter? The best explanation is that Twitter lets you post "what are you doing" in 140 characters or less. It's basically a very short blog that you can even do via mobile SMS.

Since most SMS messages are under 150 characters Twitter's "tweets" are the perfect "keep in touch with all your friends or clients at once platform".

If you're a company, Say DELL for example and you are registered in Twitter, you can post specials, incentives, news, products, whatever and everyone that is "following" you will get that 140 character "Tweet" message in their Twitter Account or if they signed up for mobile tweets they will get an SMS message from you.

As of two hours ago today for example.. The Dell Outlet on Twitter has 333,270 followers. Holy Cow! That means they can post a Tweet of up to 140 characters and include a URL and over a 1/4 million people will get that message (for FREE).

I would be willing to bet that number will climb to over 1,000,000 (or more) within 12 - 18 months (or less). How's that for a bet.

Is a great marketing tool? Well you can decide. Frankly, I think anything that lets you keep in touch with your clients, friends and family members this easy and without any costs can't be a bad thing? How about you? Comments below!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is President and CEO of Intelligent eCommerce, Inc. a search engine marketing firm that also operates several ecommerce businesses including and

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