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{ Posted on 12:36 PM by Noah Wieder }
I was looking for a carpet cleaning company in San Diego a few weeks ago. Using the normal Google search for San Diego Carpet Cleaner I found several dozen companies promising all sorts of stuff. I tried to narrow it down by searching Encinitas Carpet Cleaning or Solana Beach Carpet Cleaning but nothing really jumped out at me.

Then I decided to check Craigslist. Since Craigslist is broken down to local level and I can search by service so was able to immediately find several Carpet Cleaning companies in San Diego and my local area.

If you're like me, you look for value, price, honesty and professionalism. I don't necessarily look for the cheapest (because you often get what you pay for).

So, how do you differentiate between all the advertisements and offers? Who is going to do the best job and offer the best guarantee at the best price? Who do you let into your house?

Those are probably the questions everyone asks about any product or service they are shopping for.

Here's what I do, first, I pick up the phone and start calling, then ask questions..
  1. Does anyone answer the phone?
  2. Do they answer with a company name and do they sound professional?
  3. If you get Voice mail, does it sound professional?

Those will answer your "professionalism" Question.

Once you locate a few you think are professionals you can check with the local BBB to see if they have complaints. You should also check their web site and make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured in case there is an accident.

You should also check online sources for reviews such as Yelp, Google Local, or Yahoo Local. As you can see, I did my homework and ended up calling Rob from the Best San Diego Carpet Cleaning Company around.

One of the other reasons that helped my was the new technology that used called the Rotovac. This machine combined with the owner's professionalism, his price and his unbeatable guarantee made my decision a no-brainer.

So if you're looking for a great carpet cleaning company in San Diego, Call Rob, otherwise, if you're in another city call around and check reviews and make an informed decision.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is President and CEO of Intelligent eCommerce, Inc. a search engine marketing firm that also operates several ecommerce businesses including and

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