Top 37: The Best Article Web Site Directories

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Top 37 - The Best Article Web Site Directories as Ranked in Alexa Order

I've included the rankings of most other ranking sites in the table below so you can compare and decide where to start. When submitting your articles to these directories be sure not to cut and paste the same article into each directory. This would just be considered duplicate content and would not really help you.

You can use the same key word anchor text (use a free keyword research tool to find the best ones) in your articles but change at least 60% - 75% of the articles content.

If you have 15 - 25 different paragraphs with about 2500 words about your topic you can use between 500 - 1000 words for each article making several dozen variations to keep content unique for each article.

Remember, quality not quantity when doing link building. Don't waste your time with the hundreds of unranked article directories. Wait until they rank the same or better than the one's I've identified for you below.

If you find other article directories that are worthy of being in the list below or we can expand the list to the top 50 or top 100 some day, please make comments below and I will update the article to include them a few times a year as necessary.

Since I couldn't fit all the rankings into the table below and make it readable you can view the entire list with all the rankings if you download the Top 37 Best Article Web Site Directories PDF.

Rankings as of
Sept 2009
Visitors 6 167 31 M 8.1 M 5 688 4.3M 1.7M 5 1,062 2.2M 1.1M 9 1643 1.8M 1.1M 6 2333 1.2M 720K 6 2345 3.2M 690K 5 3282 1.3M 570K 6 3,914 1.9M 590K 6 3,914 450K 150K 5 3,914 270K 82K 0 3,967 680K 160K 0 4001 200K 40K 3 4001 530K 110K 5 4,187 1.2M 350K 5 4,311 1.1M 250K 4 5,262 770K 250K 2 6,251 450K 160K 2 6251 1.1M 400K 6280 1.4M 260K 3 7,192 530K 150K 6 8,553 530K 160K 3 12,004 350K 73K 3 13,615 180K 150K 6 14,619 400K 180K 5 17537 530K 180K 3 18,085 310K 200K 3 19,161 180K 63K 4 21,268 410K 95K 6 21,438 210K 110K 4 29,128 190K 91K 2 30,007 84K 45K 3 30896 180K 56K 5 30906 130K 70K 39,802 260K 51K 3 49,770 170K 53K 4 252591 12K 6K

Januarary 2012 update:
Syndication: Every article you publish on an article web site (aka Article Directory) has the potential to be picked up by many other webmasters looking for content. This is called syndication. When other web publishers & bloggers are in need of content, they often turn to article directories that allow them to republish your content with copyright intact on their sites, this means your backlinks stay intact.

This can not only help you gain several additional organic backlinks, but if those other web sites enjoy high traffic they could potentially send an ample amount of web users on to your site.

If you've been submitting to the article directories above, you may want to look at the latest top 12 Article Directories below. There are a few new contenders in the top 12 Article Directories for 2012. 

1. EzineArticles – PR6
2. Suite101 – PR7
3. Helium –PR6
4. ArticleDashboard -  PR5
5. ArticleBase – PR6
6. GoArticles - PR4
7. WebProNews - PR6
8. Buzzle - PR6
9. Isnare - PR6
10. American Chronicle - PR6
11. ArticleCity - PR5
12. IdeaMarketers - PR5

Great Business Tools from BNET

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If you've never visited the BNET whiteboard you should check it out some time.

Here's a video I found interesting.

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Search Engine Optimization - Project or Process?

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One thing I've learned over the years is that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ongoing process not a one-time project. Potential clients often call and ask how much is it to optimize my site, or what kind of guarantee do you offer?

Let me set the record straight. Search Engines are dynamic in nature. Google is basically an index of the internet similar to how a library indexes book, Google Indexes the Web. Is the Library ever finished indexing?

SE's use ranking algorithms which are frequently changed (Google often makes changes in October - at least in 2006 - 2008). This is just on reason why it's not enough to do SEO one time.

SEO must be continually updated, refined, tested, and refined again. Since SEO is an ongoing process the results can take from weeks to months and even years depending on your goals so you'll need to be patient.

Often times some SEO firms will use tricks that can help speed up the process but these usually only help for the short term and could eventually hurt more than help. A long term SEO plan should focus on a sustainable method (which I will cover in future posts).

SE's focus is on the end user (your potential customer) so your focus should be the same. In order to succeed (meaning better Organic positions for your key words), you need to focus on creating better content for your users and giving them what they want (which is usually information). When you master that, your results will do better in the Organic SERPs (Non-paid Search Engine Results Pages).

In future posts I will discuss some of the best practices of Search Engine Optimization including:
  1. Keyword Research: How to generate and utilize keywords to effectively help with Organic SERPs.

  2. Meta Elements (Description, keywords): The importance of meta elementsand how to properly utilize them for effective SERPs.

  3. Page Titles and Robot Text: Best practices to optimize your page titles and use of Robot text for easy crawling

  4. Headers or Headline Tags: Best practices for optimal SERPs.

  5. Quality Content: Best practices for writing and creating quality (not quantity) content for both your end user and the search engines.
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Google Publicly Admits they DO NOT use Meta Keywords

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On Sept 21st Matt Cutts Blogs about a Question Google often gets asked. Does Google put any weight on the Meta Element Keywords.

The clear answer from the video on his blog is they completely ignore the meta keywords.

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How many Characters can you use in a Title Tag?

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If you've been doing much SEO or marketing you're trying to make your pages as relevant as key word rich as possible. That means your title tag needs to be dead on relevant to the content within the page or you're wasting your time.

Search engines are getting smarter and stuffing your title with key words that are not relevant to your content will just hurt you. If you want your title tags to benefit you the most follow these simple rules:
  1. Make sure your title is relevant to your content.
  2. If you are optimizing for IE8, then I would not use more than 95 characters including spaces in your title (75 - 90 would be best, but if you have to go over, don't go past 95 as those characters will not show up).
  3. If you are optimizing for FF3.5x, then you can go up to 99 characters including spaces but then anyone visiting your site with IE8 wont see the last few characters.
  4. IE7 and lower are even fewer but if you stick to 75 characters you'll be safe with just about any browser, but you can plan for future and stretch to 90 - 95 if you must.
  5. If using more than one key phrase (long tail key word) in a title tag, separate them with pipes "|". The pipe character tells the search engines these are separate words/phrases.
I will cover Meta Elements and Heading tags H1 - H6 in coming posts. Stay tuned.

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MicroHoo - MS and Yahoo SEO - are you Ready?

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If you're familiar with SEO at all, you know that 1 month ago Microsoft and Yahoo signed a 10 year deal in which Yahoo will incorporate Microsoft's Bing technology as its default search engine.

So when Yahoo! drops search and uses Bing, Yahoo will take over pay-per-click search advertising for BOTHh companies.

So what is an SEO expert to do? Well, if you're dialed into Google you may need a new strategy for Microhoo since it will only show 5 organic results. Don't panic just yet, the announcement and signing is just that, it will take at least 2 years to launch once approved by the Fed's.

Once Yahoo starts handling PPC for both Microsoft and Yahoo it will grant access to a broader database through which to target users.

Self-serve and search ads will be built via Microsoft adCenter; Yahoo will continue its search affiliate partnerships.

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Is SEO Dead - what about Youtube Marketing?

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As of this writing there are more than 3 billion searches per month on YouTube in the United States alone. If you're not Video Blogging or starting to at least think about video Blogging you're missing a huge SEO opportunity.

With the new annotation ability in Youtube and the ease of use of free Microsoft Movie Maker Software anyone can throw together a Video. Don't worry so much about the quality of the video, espcially in the beginning. Just make sure your content is worthy.

As you create more and more video's your quality will improve. Setting, light, camera, software knowledge will all get better with experience.

Just keep in mind that the best video's are how to video's or funny video's. If your video is boring or lame, no one is going to send it to someone else or recommend it. The whole idea is to get people to email your video links, or post them in forums or embed them in blogs. If your video is not worthy of that you're just wasting your time and taking up space in cyberspace.

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Google announces Caffiene

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Just about every October we can count on Google making changes that make every SEO and webmaster run around like crazy people.

When you know google commands over 63% of all internet searches you'd better be paying attention to where your traffic comes from.

If you want to see how your key words perform on Google's newest project, it's only available for testing here:

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Get Hundreds of Followers on Twitter

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I just started using this tweerific twick to tweet my way to some followers..

I'm still not 100% sure what Twitter means to the internet. Yes, it's an easy way to send a 160 character blog (basically an SMS) to all your friends, but now, more than ever, it's a way to get your message out to the world. A world of people you may not even know but somehow might be interested in what it is you have to say... well.. maybe..

So you have a Twitter account and want to get some followers other than the same people you see at work, school or socialize with everyday or every week.

Since you probably already use AIM, Yahoo Messenger, Google Chat, Yahoo Chat, ICQ, Skype, ooVoo, Visit forums, Myspace, Facebook, Classmates, chat rooms, dating web sites, social groups, oh.. don't forget that old email thing.. and God forbid you send a letter or direct mail piece to get new clients.. whew.. You just have to get Twitter followers... is this the next greatest communication tool?

Well, okay.. I'll show you what I did..

If you use FireFox:
  1. Open Firefox

  2. If you don't already have it, you need to install an add-on to Firefox called Greasemonkey (this is a script manager for Firefox).

  3. Once Greasemonkey is installed, you need to download the Twitter Follower Script in Firefox and then restart Firefox. Note that you may want to bookmark this Blog Post so you can find it again after FireFox restarts.

  4. Now open your Twitter account from Firefox and find a Twitter Profile that has at least 10,000 or more followers. Some people use Google since it has over 1.3 Million followers but I would suggest finding people following someone in your same industry or interests. Use the Twitter Find People and enter a key word from your interests or industry.

  5. Click on that account and follow them. Then click on followers".

  6. When you do this you will see the GreaseMonkey Scrip Navigation Bar appear in the bottom of your Browser.

  7. Now you can click the follow all link on the NAV bar and after a few milliseconds the "Following" message will appear besides each contact. Click next to follow the next 20 people and so on. Now, don't try and follow hundreds and hundreds of people every day.. that's a good way to get Twitter to ban you. If you follow a hundred or two every other day for a week or so you'll get there.

  8. Now the key is that you are following all these people.. hundreds of them.. and hopefully they will return the favor. My experiements suggest that 10% - 15% will follow you within a couple days. It may get as high at 60% depending on who you are following and what they are into. If your tweets are not relevant to what they are interested in you won't get them to follow you.. so now you have to unfollow these people.

  9. So once a month or so.. or every 60 days you can use a free service (as of the date of this writing) called huitter that will let you "

If you use Internet Explorer (I suggest you switch to FireFox) or:
  1. You don't install Greasemonkey.. Start at step #4 above... then...

  2. You have to copy and paste this javascript into your address bar and press enter..
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How to use eBay Guides to Promote your products or services

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If you have a product or service and don't already have an eBay account, what are you waiting for? eBay, the internets largest auction marketplace makes it very easy and affordable to spread word of your product and/or service.

If you're selling online, adding an eBay store will take you a few hours to set up and can cost as little as just $16/mo. Pretty inexpensive when considering alternatives. But what can you do with a store?

eBay will let you list your products or items in your store as well as auctions but this is not the important part. Just like adding your articles to article directories and your how to's to eHow -- adding "guides" to eBay can be very helpful.

An eBay guide is basically an article about the product or service you know a lot about. You can spread the word and help others understand or teach them what it is to look for when buying, selling or considering your product or service.

Real Life Example:

We operate the eBay store "A1Derful Place". We have very few items but keep it simple to keep the store going. Maybe adding a few items a week or every other week or so using the eBay "turbo lister" tool which is free. It's very simple. You can save inventory items, upload, edit and do everything off line, then upload them and sync when you connect. Great for creating auctions and store listings offline if/when you travel.

Anyway -- In our store, you will see a category called "ATM Machines". Since we operate the web site this ebay store is another way to drive traffic and generate leads for our ATM Processing and ATM Machine Sales.

How does this generate leads and drive traffic? We'll first you have to write an eBay Guide. You can read our eBay Guide about ATM Machines and see that we don't do any selling in the guide. We only give advice that anyone can use. It's not skewed information or full of marketing fluff. We present facts and give people information they need but the key is that in an eBay guide you are not allow to link to your eBay store items or link to external web sites.

One of the reasons is that these eBay guides get a lot of attention from search engines is due to the content and relevancy of the info provided. Now, the key to posting a guide is the guide title and content relevancy. Just like any good SEO article you need to be mindful of the key words you're using.

Here's what we did. We researched the terms ATM Machine, ATM Machine Processing and ATM Processing. We noticed a lot of ATM Machines for sale in eBay but no one offering just ATM Processing. Since we offer both ATM Machines Sales and ATM Processing we created a store listing for ATM Processing.

Now, when you search eBay for ATM Processing or ATM Machine Processing our store listing doesn't get lost in the ATM Machine Auction listings. We then reference our Guide about ATM Machine Sales in the Store item Listing and suggest in the guide that people do their research -- and include a link in the guide to eBay search results which include our preferred term (which is allowed).

The store listings fee is only $0.05 and the final valuation fee is only $0.12 at the currently published rates. So for just $16/mo you get a complete eBay store and can list all your items and services for just a few cents for 30 day listings. Add to that the ability to post free Guides with the potential for multi-domain cross promotion opportunities and you have another great avenue for marketing your products and services.
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Wolfram Alpha - Facts about Page Views, Hits and Hierarchy

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If you haven't yet heard of it won't be long. Wolfram Alpha was launched in the spring of 2009 to be a Computational Knowledge Engine rather than a Search Engine.

I won't bother regurgitating everything that has already been published about Stephen Wolfram's new "answer engine" but suffic it to say.. it's going to be as important to the web as Google is.

Wolfram Alpha will compute the actual factual answers to specific questions unlike Google where you can ask sentences, Wolfram will not return an Index like structure of related sites.

On the surface when you ask Google a question, sometimes your results "or answers" appear at the top of Google's results. So what's all the hoopla about Wolfram? The Hoopla is that WolframAlpha doesn't merely "look up" answers like Google. Wolfram "computes" them using a level of understanding and reasoning, as well as using vast amounts of data about the topic being asked about.

So if for example you were considering selling Dog food and wanted to know some facts about dogs in the USA you could ask Wolfram about the number of dogs in the USA.

If for example you enter a Domain Name (yours for example or in the image to the right we used will return all the Facts it can find about the domain name including page views, hits, rank etc.

In our example; entering in the search box returns the Registered host information, Web statistics for all of, Webpage information for, and the HTML element hierarchy for

Why is this so important? Any Web Marketer needs to know how he/she fairs against the competition. Using this tool will give you a very good snapshot of how you stack up.

Take a look at the HTML element hierarchy -- this can help you make sure your site is easily spidered by search engines.

Going back to what can this do for you.. well, Wolfram Alpha is a system for computing the answers to questions. To accomplish this it uses built-in models of fields of knowledge, complete with data and algorithms, that represent real-world knowledge.

Want to know what happended on your birthday? How about the Time difference from today since your birthday or notable events? Simply enter your birthdate in Wolfram. Find more examples of how powerful Wolfram is.

WolframAlpha does not answer natural language queries, you have to ask questions using a particular syntax, or certain forms of abbreviated notation.

For a complete Introduction and video tutorial of how this amazing new tool can help you, visit the introduction.

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The Absolute Best San Diego Carpet Cleaning

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I was looking for a carpet cleaning company in San Diego a few weeks ago. Using the normal Google search for San Diego Carpet Cleaner I found several dozen companies promising all sorts of stuff. I tried to narrow it down by searching Encinitas Carpet Cleaning or Solana Beach Carpet Cleaning but nothing really jumped out at me.

Then I decided to check Craigslist. Since Craigslist is broken down to local level and I can search by service so was able to immediately find several Carpet Cleaning companies in San Diego and my local area.

If you're like me, you look for value, price, honesty and professionalism. I don't necessarily look for the cheapest (because you often get what you pay for).

So, how do you differentiate between all the advertisements and offers? Who is going to do the best job and offer the best guarantee at the best price? Who do you let into your house?

Those are probably the questions everyone asks about any product or service they are shopping for.

Here's what I do, first, I pick up the phone and start calling, then ask questions..
  1. Does anyone answer the phone?
  2. Do they answer with a company name and do they sound professional?
  3. If you get Voice mail, does it sound professional?

Those will answer your "professionalism" Question.

Once you locate a few you think are professionals you can check with the local BBB to see if they have complaints. You should also check their web site and make sure they are licensed, bonded and insured in case there is an accident.

You should also check online sources for reviews such as Yelp, Google Local, or Yahoo Local. As you can see, I did my homework and ended up calling Rob from the Best San Diego Carpet Cleaning Company around.

One of the other reasons that helped my was the new technology that used called the Rotovac. This machine combined with the owner's professionalism, his price and his unbeatable guarantee made my decision a no-brainer.

So if you're looking for a great carpet cleaning company in San Diego, Call Rob, otherwise, if you're in another city call around and check reviews and make an informed decision.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is President and CEO of Intelligent eCommerce, Inc. a search engine marketing firm that also operates several ecommerce businesses including and

Now Follow me on Twitter

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Thinking about using Twitter?

Well, you'd better hurry up and register your name. They are going fast.

Many people are grabbing user names like candy on Twitter and your company name might not even be available by the time you want to register.

What is Twitter? The best explanation is that Twitter lets you post "what are you doing" in 140 characters or less. It's basically a very short blog that you can even do via mobile SMS.

Since most SMS messages are under 150 characters Twitter's "tweets" are the perfect "keep in touch with all your friends or clients at once platform".

If you're a company, Say DELL for example and you are registered in Twitter, you can post specials, incentives, news, products, whatever and everyone that is "following" you will get that 140 character "Tweet" message in their Twitter Account or if they signed up for mobile tweets they will get an SMS message from you.

As of two hours ago today for example.. The Dell Outlet on Twitter has 333,270 followers. Holy Cow! That means they can post a Tweet of up to 140 characters and include a URL and over a 1/4 million people will get that message (for FREE).

I would be willing to bet that number will climb to over 1,000,000 (or more) within 12 - 18 months (or less). How's that for a bet.

Is a great marketing tool? Well you can decide. Frankly, I think anything that lets you keep in touch with your clients, friends and family members this easy and without any costs can't be a bad thing? How about you? Comments below!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Noah Wieder is President and CEO of Intelligent eCommerce, Inc. a search engine marketing firm that also operates several ecommerce businesses including and